Cleveland Grain Systems keeps safety a priority for our crew and yours. We are trained on a variety of safety products and equipment add-ons that can keep your team safe in day to day activities.

A 60” tall, 27 pound shield is constructed to fit around the victim with 3 additional shields (30” diameter complete), to stop the flow of the grain toward the victim. GSI’s Res-Q-Tube is built of lightweight aluminum, so it is easy for rescuers to transport and maneuver.

X-Series Platforms
X-Series platforms provide more platform space around the drive and motor for easy servicing. Designed to meet OSHA specifications. X-Series platforms are available for 16”-36” bucket elevators.

Jib Boom
GSI offers a heavy-duty bolt-on jib boom as a safer and cost-effective solution for your maintenance needs. Available for single row bucket elevators in ½, 1, or 2 ton models.

Ladder Security Door 
Our ladder guard provides maximum protection from unwanted entry, with both front and back panels to block access. A flared top deters entry into the cage above as well. It features a T-handle with a keyed lock for optimum security. Powder coated in safety yellow.

Stairway Security Door System
Our stair safety door prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the stairs. The locking unit is an easy addition to LeMar stairs. It can retrofit to most 24” stairs and includes panels and security door to prevent access to stairways. The door is designed to be self closing with keyed lock access from the outside and walk-out access from the inside. Powder coated in safety yellow.

Safety Gates
LeMar’s self-closing safety gates are easily installed on all types of handrails (angle, flatbar, pipe) or to existing walls. They are designed to be mounted left or right, on either side of a handrail. Each gate offers 5” of adjustment to accommodate different standard opening sizes. The safety gate’s stainless steel spring automatically closes after each passage, and adjustment bolts provide positive stop without handrail contact. Powder coated in safety yellow.

Bunker Walkways
LeMar’s bunker walkways are OSHA compliant and custom designed to fit any size flat storage system. Each bunker walkway is built to your specifications and easily adapts to steel walls. Powder coated in safety yellow.