Grove TMS9000-2 Product Guide

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Cleveland Grain Systems, Inc offers crane service to Central Illinois. We own and operate a Grove TMS9000-2. We deploy an experienced team with quality equipment. Our crane is inspected annually by a Grove factory trained representative and documented in writing. Our team is certified through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

Features of the TMS9000-2

• 100 t (115 USt)
• 11,2 m – 51,6 m (36 ft -169 ft) six-section greaseless MEGAFORM™ boom
• TWIN-LOCK™ boom pinning system
• Several 10,5 m – 17,6 m (34.5 ft – 57.6 ft) bi-fold swing away  extension options and an 8 m
(26 ft) insert
• Crane Control System (CCS)
• Tilt superstructure cab
• Up to 22 000 kg (48,500 lb) counterweight
with hydraulic removal system